Kodak Flasholder 4

Kodak Brownie Flasholder 4
Complete with Ever Ready B155 battery

This inexpensive capacitor-type Flasholder is designed for use with the new range of 'Brownie' cameras, Flash II, III, and IV. It is attached direct to the camera by a contact pin and a knurled screw.
The 'Brownie' Flasholder takes economical, easy-to-use, capless flashbulbs.
The 4 in. reflector, easily detachable from the Flasholder, is sprayed inside with aluminum spray, outside with gray stove enamel.
Spent bulbs are ejected by pressing a pin projecting through the case.
The Flasholder case is moulded from ivory Polystyrene. The battery required is 22½ volt hearing aid battery-Ever-Ready type B.155 or its equivalent.
A transparent flashguard, supplied as an accessory, snaps in place on the edge of the reflector by means of three equally spaced clips. This flashguard gives protection in the rare event of a bulb's exploding (Kodak Dealer catalogue 1958).