Based in West Yorkshire I have provided a Photography tuition through 'Horsforth Evening Classes' for a number of years.
Since Childhood I have been a Photography Enthusiast’, having being encouraged from an early age to take photographs and in those early years using a very basic 'Cosmic Symbol' camera.

In my younger days I worked as a photographers assistant and dabbled with dark room processing, commercial photography, weddings and also the developing & printing of Cibachrome for specialist surveyors.

Later in life working as an 'IT' Trainer I was offered an opportunity to deliver a Photography Course and took this on as a sort of hobby, developing training material to run two 10 week sessions covering all aspects of photography from the basics of understanding exposure control to the more specialist aspects such as composition and depth of field.

My own photography interests include 'Near Infrared Photography’ and ‘Black and White’, I also enjoy playing around with filters to create 'Long Exposures' and with a preference for derelict Industrial structures as subjects.

Much of my spare time has been devoted to adapting and improving my course content in order to ensure the courses remain current, informative and fun and hopefully inspire people to develop their own style, creativity and interest in photography, however with the COVID lockdowns and restrictions the teaching ceased and I have since decided to stop providing tuition.

Richard Lewis

This website was created in 2008 and is updated on a regular basis.