Based in West Yorkshire I provide a range of Photography Courses and tuition using 'Horsforth Evening Classes' as my main venue.
For a number of years I have been a Photography Enthusiast’, having being encouraged from an early age to take photographs and in those early years using a very basic 'Cosmic Symbol' camera.

In my teens, working as a photographers assistant I dabbled with dark room processing, commercial photography, weddings and also the developing & printing of Cibachrome for specialist surveyors.

Later in life working as an 'IT' Trainer I was offered an opportunity to deliver a Photography Course and have not looked back.

My own photography interests include 'Near Infrared Photography’,‘Black and White’, 'Long Shutter Speed' and with a preference for derelict Industrial structures as subjects.

Much of my spare time is used to adapt and improving my course content in order to ensure the courses remain current, informative and fun and hopefully inspire people to develop their own style, creativity and interest in photography.

So why is there a need to learn about photography?

Whilst it's true that modern digital cameras and camera phones have a plethora of automation and new technology which enable the owner to get by without any knowledge at all …there's a lot more to capturing an interesting image than simply having the latest tech, even stunning locations and subjects do not guarantee you the best images possible....this is only the start of the process, behind all of the automated settings most cameras have functionality that remains untouched but when used makes photography a whole lot more interesting and fulfilling.

Understanding your cameras functionality, capabilities & limits, alongside having knowledge of the principles of Photography, Composition and Light, will make a huge difference to your approach to this hobby, crucially with Photography 'often WYSIWYG doesn't always apply' because there are many variables to consider, you could miss a great shot in a once in a lifetime location or opportunity through lack of knowledge.

Richard Lewis

This website was created in 2008 and is continually being updated.