Further adventures with Panoramic Head creation …

Maybe Needs more work !
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Having abandoned my home made creation I am now focussing upon a recent purchase of a 360 panoramic head from a well-known online retailer, I was under no illusion about the risk of buying these cheap copies, but at only £26. My expectations were low given a proper head would be in the £hundreds.
The reviews were reasonable for this item so I was hoping I could scavenge parts to add to my existing Macro Bracket, which is again a copy but actually very good quality.
So when the product arrived it was as expected poor quality but did in fact have some useful parts which I have been able to reuse.
The issue with panoramic heads is that you are trying to hang your camera vertically above your tripod head off centre with the tripod rotation point, so quite a lot of weight offset over the tripod, which is why any bracket used has to be good quality.
Next job is to find the Nodal Point for a couple of lenses I possess then try the bracket out …