My latest 'Charity Shop Purchase' (£2.99) a Fuji Instax 100, which uses large format film to produce instant pictures.
When I opened up the battery compartment some work was needed ... corroded batteries in a lump ... but a bit of work with some miniature 'Wire Brushes' and its like new, fired up straight away with new batteries, the rest of the camera including film compartment looks like new ..

And It's a 'BEAST' yes its rather large, about 3x the size of an old film compact camera so I will need big pockets ..and will provide me with an opportunity to try a bit of 'Lomography'.

What is ... Lomography I hear you say !!! its a pretty recent type of photography invented by the Lomographic Society, founded in the early nineties in Austria. The founders first experimented with Lomo LC-A, a cheap Russian toy camera. They were taken by the unique, high contrast photos with vignettes and soft focus.

So ... once the 'Film Cartridges' arrive ... (Amazon & E-Bay) away we go (Yes the kids can have a go as well) ...

I will post the results on this Website & Flikr ...