Horsforth Evening Classes - 2012/13 Course

What/how do you capture images in a busy Holiday Hotspot that are unique?
One of the many interesting Alleways in Robin Hoods Bay
In a location such as Robin Hoods Bay on a BH weekend the main issue is that there are people everywhere, and then there’s the pressure from family/friends to 'Stop Holding Everyone Up', there’s shops to go in, tat to buy and a beech to visit, (which on this occasion was underwater!)

In my view this is where you look to capture small detail rather than the bigger picture, don’t try to create a record of the whole place, it’s already been done, lots of times over.

No point capturing an image that’s cluttered with tourists and delivery vehicles etc (easier to buy a postcard taken out of season in the deserted location by a pro), so my suggestion is to look for small details that portray the location.

Crop down and why not switch to Black & White mode, make your images timeless..

Olympus SP510UZ compact, f4.5, 1/15sec, -1EV, ISO50, converted to BW in Elements 8

PS: My Photography Course starts September 13th at Horsforth School



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