Slew Tarn, Skelwith - Lake District

'Almost knee deep in a bog'!
6 x images blended in Elements 8

Exposure taken using 'Aperture Priority' from brightest point in sequence, camera then set to manual f11, 1.3seconds, 35mm focal length. Fuji IS Pro, Nikon 18-55VR, UV/IR Cut Filter, Manfrotto Tripod.
This was taken post sunrise, travelling through very boggy conditions I just missed the nice pink sky and it immediately became overcast, hence the 1.3 seconds exposure.
I passed a sign on the way through the woods 'Danger of Sinking' I think this summed up the conditions very well, we had had a few nights of rain and I had forgotten my walking boots so was trying hard not to get my trainers too muddy, the joys of photography.
I intend to re-take this shot in the spring.