New Year New Camera

Before Christmas I took the decision to purchase a new camera, the ‘Fuji Finepix IS Pro’ .....
Having been successful in my application to Fuji to purchase the camera (yes I had to fill out forms requesting permission to buy it!) I found myself an old Nikon zoom lens 28-100mm (with 1.5x crop factor 42-150mm) and a Marumi UV/IR cut filter (how would we manage without e-bay) which should enable me to use the camera as a standard DSLR giving me a broader field of options.
Far from being ordinary or mainstream the ‘IS Pro’ is a modified ‘Fuji S5 Pro’, which in itself is a ‘Nikon D200’ with ‘Fuji’ guts (reminds me of a line from the ‘Zohan’ film I saw last year – only that was ‘Sony Guts’).
The most important aspect of this new camera for me is its ability to capture ‘Infrared’ images (near not thermal) which I became interested in last year, the ‘Fuji IS Pro’ is essentially factory modified to be a ‘Forensic’ camera its sensor covers a much wider range than the ‘Visible Light Spectrum’ of standard DSLR’s enabling it to breech into both UV and near IR ends of the spectrum, (380nm to 1000nm) its sensitivity essentially results from the absence of a ‘Hot Mirror Filter’ over the camera sensor.
I have always liked the idea of cameras which are obscure, the camera I have been using for the last few years is the ‘Samsung PRO815’ which is a ‘Compact’ camera, heavier and bigger than many DSLR’s, the Samsung when it was launched was a very high spec camera which functions as a DSLR and has an outstanding Schneider 28 – 420mm lens, needless to say the Samsung will not be cast aside as it still provides me with a valuable resource.
I have read too many articles in Camera mag’s whereby the old camera gets sold off and the seller regrets it then 5 years down the line goes and buys another one s/h.
The ‘IS Pro’ does have some controversy surrounding its sensor, if you read ‘Thoms’ reviews of the ‘S5 pro’ he suggests the ‘Fuji Super SR Pro’ sensor technology which claims to be a 12.34mp sensor is incorrect and that in his opinion the configuration of the pixels renders this sensor in fact 6.17mp.
The reason being that the Fuji sensor apart from having ‘Octagonal’ rather than square pixels also has two pixels per photosite, a large one (S) and a small one (R) in effect it has 6.17m photosites containing 12.34m pixels.
So anyway for the last few weeks I have been shutting myself away at every opportunity and reading the camera manual alongside the many articles relating to ‘Infrared Photography’.
My only issue to date is not having taken any images with the weather being really gloomy during December and in January the ideal photography days fall when I am at work.